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Tech savvy creatives and creative technology developers working together to serve the local Long Island arts community.

We are a mix of artists, developers, thinkers, and problem solvers connecting the dots in order to get the local dreamers on the Internet.


Using WordPress, we are bridging the gap between artists and technology.

Building a portfolio, selling handmade items, podcasting, blogging , and distributing your music are all possible with our WordPress Startup hosting. We’ll setup what you need to thrive on the internet.

What We Do
How We Can Help


We’ll help set up what you need, to do what you want – and keep it simple.

No code twilight zone, no glazed over eyes.
Wordpress experts have joined forces to help you succeed.
We’ll give you drag and drop site building powers.
Need help choosing a theme, we have a team for that too.
Need just some plain old advice, let’s get some coffee and talk.
We are real live humans, and we are here to help.

All you do is WordPress sites?

Yes! We only offer WordPress hosting in order to focus on leveraging it to serve the local arts community. Over 76 million users currently use WordPress, it’s no secret- it’s pretty powerful software.

I've never used WordPress, is it easy to learn?

Yes! If you have used any word processor, or even written an email you have a great foundation to build your own WordPress site. The Labs also offers, Meetups, classes, and workshops both online and in the good ol’ real world.

Why choose CAT Propulsion Labs over the other guys?

We are local, supporting our local arts community. We are in this because we want to see our friends and neighbors move forward with technology. We have always been there in one way or another, helping out, solving problems and providing insight. It was no big mystery that it would take teamwork to make the dream work.

Can I get help building my site?

You sure can! Many of our lab techs, teach online and offline, as well as host local Meetups. If you just want it built, well they do that too! Contact us to find out more information.

How Are We Different?


This is the start of it all and built exclusively for artists and creatives using WordPress.

Our managed WordPress hosting service comes jam packed with premium plugins and features.  Vaulted. Security and backup are important to any site and that’s why we couldn’t offer it as a paid add-on- it comes rolled into every one of our WordPress installation. Build your portfolio, shop, fundraising platform, and blog today!

$150 /Yr - Let's Get Started!

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