WordPress Hosting For Local Artists

CAT Propulsion Labs serves artists and creatives living on Long Island. We aren’t interested in a national or global take over. We are a boutique hosting company looking to serve and grow with the local arts communities. Our lab is composed of global talent focused on a positive local impact.

Our WordPress Hosting Includes

A Warm Welcome

When you host with us, you’ll be greeted at the front door. We want to better understand what your site goals are, so that we can be more effective at helping you reach them. If you need help, we offer the resources to learn, hire production talent, and get advice.
Let’s do this together!

Included Features


Before you have that melt down, don’t worry, you are not alone and we are local! There are a variety of ways to get help. Off the bat, we’ll assign your site a CAT Admin for updates and support , and included with your hosting is a CAT Coach to check in on you once a month.

Themes & Plugins

 CAT Propulsion Labs offers a variety of themes ranging fro help build  portfolios, eCommerce shops and blogs, all included with our hosting. We also supercharge your WordPress  site with features built with you in mind. Crowdfund right form your own website !

Security & Backup

Security is nothing to skimp on. We dug you a moat, filled it with sharks, and added a drawbridge. This comes built into all our wordpress installations. We also backup your site in an offsite, underground bunker.

Training & Workshops

CAT Propulsion Labs provides it’s members with opportunities to learn, grow and, be empowered. These range from real life meet ups, virtual classes as well as, in dashboard tutorial videos. Pair your education with a CAT Coach and be well on the way to knocking your goals out of the park!

Shared Lab Hosting

The essential setup for most artists here in the lab. Not only are you getting a WordPress hosted website, you are getting the community behind and within the lab.

If you are interested in building a portfolio site, eCommerce shop, blog or personal website you have come to the right place! COLONY Cat  gives you everything you need to get started while providing a unique environment that is one part, support, education and coaching.  CAT Propulsion Labs offers WordPress hosting with features and services which have been built to help further serve the local artist and creative.

Inside The Lab

Crowd Favorite!

  • Free Domain Name
  • Assigned CAT Propulsion Labs WordPress Techie
  • 30 Minute Consulting Session
  • Arts Council Members
    15% OFF hosting
  • Premium THEMES & PLUGINS


Crowd Favorite!

  • Full Cpanel and backend access
  • Free Domain Name
  • 10 GB Storage Space
  • 30 Minute Consulting Session
  • Assigned CAT Propulsion Labs WordPress Techie
  • Arts Council Members
    15% OFF hosting
  • Premium THEMES & PLUGINS

SOLO CATPrivate Lab Hosting

You want more options, settings, and backend access? Well with SOLO you get just that.

SOLO Cat is geared of towards those who need more access than what the WP dashboard has to offer. It is also for those who will have a very high traffic website and/or, large size website. CAT Propulsion Labs provides the setup for those needs with its SOLO Cat package.

SOLO Cat Package


How come you don't offer any unlimited X,Y, and Z?

You may have seem some hosting companies claiming to offer unlimited hosting, but their resources have limits  the average Jane with her blog site, just might not tap out. CAT Propulsion Labs gives real numbers, so we can better manage our resources and the performance of our servers and services.

I've never used WordPress before, is it easy to learn?

Yes! If you can format writing in a word processor or email, you can grasp the basics of publishing using WordPress. CAT Propulsion Labs offer a variety of ways to learn WordPress as well.

Why should I choose CAT Propulsion Labs & WordPress?

CAT Propulsion Labs is building a better experience with WordPress geared specifically to local artists and creatives. A feature reach environment with page builders, crowdfunding, eCommerce, workshops and the like all built on top of the worlds most powerful and versatile content management system.

Where can I get help building my website/blog/shop ?

CAT Propulsion Labs strongly believes in not only, providing the tools for one to become an independent learner but also the opportunity to learn through workshops and classes both online and in person. Contact us to find out how. Interested in hiring a service provider , we do that to!

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